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The Working Time Regulations 1999 provide workers with certain entitlements. It states that a night worker is someone who normally works at least three hours at night. Night time is between 11pm and 6am, although workers and employers may agree to vary this.

As an employer you must offer night workers a free health assessment although completion by the employee is not mandatory.

Health assessments must be offered before they start working nights and then on a regular basis whilst they are working nights. In many cases it is suitable to offer a night worker medical on an annual basis. However employers can offer this health assessment more than once a year if they feel it is necessary.

Employees can complete the Night-worker questionnaire online through this website, with the outcome sent back to Human Resources.or nominated person.


Medical conditions that are taken into consideration include - 

• Diabetes

• Epilepsy

• Heart disease

• Intestinal problems

• Kidney disease

• Thyroid or glandular disease

• Mental illness

• Chronic sleep problems

• Back, joint and neck problems

• Asthma and pulmonary disorders

If an employee does suffer from one or more of the above, it does not automatically mean that they are unsuitable for night working.  Where any concerns are identified the information will be reviewed and advice given taking into account the highlighted medical problem(s) and type of work being carried out.  

The health questionnaire remains confidential to Occupational Health.  Only a statement regarding fitness for night working is given to Managers.

If a decision can not be made from the information on the questionnaire the employee may be contacted by phone or followed up with a medical examination to assess their fitness for night work.  

If a medical examination is requested a full report will be provided highlighting any adjustments or restrictions that may be required to ensure the employee’s health or health of others is not being put at risk.

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