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Management referrals are effective tools for managing sickness absence in any organisation.  We can provide specialist Occupational Health advice and support to assist in the management of absence due to ill-health. 


Support can include - 


  • Providing guidance on the possible length of absence and anticipated return to work date.

  • Help facilitate an early return to work by advising on rehabilitation plans, including advice on reasonable adjustments within the workplace.


  • Liaise with medical practitioners / specialists for clinical information with the individual’s consent.


  • Advice and reassurance to the individual in a welfare capacity.


How to make a referral


  • Complete the contact form or 'phone 01536 772266 to request a referral.


  • We will contact you back to establish your requirements and arrange an appointment.


  • We will ask you to complete a referral form which will allow you to give some background to the referral and the questions you want answering, this can be done online by clicking here or by using the form below.

  • Following the consultation you will receive a report within three working days (less if the employee does not request to review the report first).


  • The employee can complete the consent form online prior to the appointment.

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