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Pre-employment Questionnaires



An employee may be exposed to hazards that may harm their health.  It is imperative that an employees health and fitness meets the demands of the job and that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk.


Pre-placement screening helps identify any health related issues or legal reasons that may prevent new employees from carrying out their role safely and effectively.  Being aware of potential issues allows you to make adjustments which will enable the employee meet the requirements of the job.


Pre-placement screening is a questionnaire that is completed by the employee and then sent directly to our Medical Officer.


The employee will be categorised as either fit for work, fit for work with restrictions or not fit for work.  In some cases it may be necessary to carry out a face-to-face assessment with a Doctor before any recommendations can be made.  Advice will include advice and guidance on whether reasonable adjustments may be required to accommodate any disability or medical impairment which a candidate has declared. 


Employees can complete the 'New starter' questionnaire online through this website, with the outcome sent back to Human Resources.or nominated person.

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